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Jack Curtis for Anacortes School Board

Anacortes School Board candidate Jack Curtis is a thoughtful middle-of-the-road community leader with a proven record of selfless service, effective team building, and deliberate decision-making. He is an ASD parent, volunteer, coach, and mentor who brings a deep belief in public education’s ability to ensure paths to success for all students, families, and educators.

Anacortes School Board candidate Jack Curtis
Anacortes School Board candidate Jack Curtis and his son rest on a bench at Washington Park, watching ferries travel through the San Juan Islands.
Heart Lake Road in Anacortes, WA is just one of the many beautiful routes leading throughout the forestlands.

Why am I running to remain on the Anacortes School Board?

I am running to remain a member of the Anacortes School board to continue serving the community I call home, where my wife and I chose to set roots, and where we expect our child to receive an outstanding public education.

The district recently weathered several challenges, but now stands in a place where it can confidently look up and forward, focused on the objectives set forth in the district’s Strategic Plan. That will not happen without steady leadership and oversight. Undoubtedly, there will be challenges ahead, and making the difficult decisions will require equal parts compassion and accountability. I am confident my professional career and experience serving throughout the community have prepared me to listen, evaluate, and help guide the way forward.

My proven record of collaborative and goal-oriented teamwork will effectively serve the ASD board, staff, faculty, and most importantly our students.

What I believe:

As the product of the public education system, I have a deep and personal appreciation for the critical role it plays in writing our community’s next chapter.

Jack Curtis for Anacortes School Board

I believe every student is capable of achieving more. 

I believe every student is capable of accomplishing great things. 

I believe every student deserves dignity and respect.

I believe learning occurs in classrooms, on athletic fields and courts, on stage, in art studios, in libraries, in technical and trade shops, and in individual homes. Each of those environments must be protected and afforded the resources required to meet every student’s varied needs and interests.

I do not believe every student wants, nor needs, the same outcome or path upon high school graduation, but I do believe we owe every student our best so they have the greatest opportunity to pursue what’s next for them, whatever that may be.

I believe parents and community members should (and deserve to) be heard but I also believe we should be open to having our ideas challenged—that’s how the best ideas emerge.

I firmly believe a community can be judged by the level of effort and investment it places in its young. The future of our community and society will shine only as bright as the youth we hand it to.

Jack Curtis for
Anacortes School Board

I’ve been fortunate to serve our community as a member of the Anacortes School District Board of Directors since February.  I would appreciate your support this fall when you fill out your ballot. 

Anacortes School Board candidate Jack Curtis listens to a young student read.